Meet the babies!!

Take a look at those sweeties, six week old serval babies from our local zoo, the Tierpark Göppingen. It's a boy and a girl and this was their first big photo session. Looks like baby girl doesn't like to be a model.
They don't have names yet because we might have a naming event for them at our summer fest. If you have any suggestions, go ahead and I will enter them for you! ;-)
Oh, and for those who don't know what servals are - they are medium-sized African wild cats.

Mr. Baby Serval thinking how boring all of this is ... *sigh*

His sister thinking how annoying humans can be ... "Leave me alone, I am big, strong and dangerous!"


  1. Ha, ha, ha:)) What a beauties! Amazing shots!

  2. wenn SIE der Grund sind, dass du dich kaum melden kannst, ist alles verziehen. Die sind ja soooo süüüüüüüüüß!