Zibbet finds of the week - Dogs

 Yesterday I got a call. We talked about this and that, and one of the last sentences was "well, I never have a problem getting to talk to people, thanks to my dachshund". It reminded me of many dogs whom I had the pleasure to have known over the years.
Aaron, the neighbor's black poodle, who had an unfortunate desire for legs or my friend's black poodle who mostly chose to ignore me. There were also a few dachshunds in friends' families in my childhood, Struppi for example, probably the most independent of them, sweet pup Hexe (I didn't see her grow up because another family took her in after her owner died), Finni with the soulful eyes and soft ears. There was Hera, the German Shepherd on the farm, who let the cats eat first, and later my beloved Flocki on a different farm. I remember the sweet old cocker spaniel lady from one neighborhood who suffered from arthritis, so her human always carried her back home from their walks. I can also think of a few that I didn't trust that much, like the Great Dane in the neighborhood who looked as if he could make his human, a petite elderly lady, fly, had he chosen to run or the huge Rottweiler.

Then there are the doggies on Zibbet, at least a few of them.
Are you a dog person?

Lagunitas beer bottle cap coaster by Mimi & Colette

Tote bag by Harper Rose 

Newfoundland dog fused glass plate by Ajewelgift

4 dachshund/doxie coasters by Kibbles

"Fading away" - man and his dog photo by Shashamane Dream Photos

Extra large doggie tote by Katelyn's Krafts


  1. Replies
    1. I could have started with a long list of stories and memories, but then no one would have made it to the pictures! *lol*
      I'm sure you have sweet doggie memories, too. Give your doggie master a hug from me!

  2. Interesting memories of dogs in your life! I'm definitely a dog person.

    1. I love dogs, but I wouldn't be the right person to have one, so I like to consider myself being a "dog aunt" :-D

      Everybody would call me a cat person, though, they always come first - despite all the critters I've been honored to care for over the years.