Zibbet finds of the week - Very British

It's vacation time here, time to travel, visit new places, learn new things.
Unfortunately that doesn't go for me. I have a cat that everyone is afraid to pill. Not so much because she puts up a fight, we have been over that for a while, but because no one wants to take responsibility for her drooling the meds right back out. They are afraid I'm going to hunt them down. Or so they act. I can hear Esme giggle about that a lot.
Where would I like to go if I could travel you ask? Great Britain, hands down. I loved London and would do almost anything to visit it again (except leave Esme without her meds obviously), I'm still convinced that Nessie would come to me if I only got the chance to be alone with her for an hour, and I'd really like to see some new places, too.
Oh well. Not gonna happen.

Instead I did a little tour on Zibbet to go and find some things that remind me of Britain.
What is Britain, however? Have you ever wondered about what the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK really is? Check it out here.

1953 Coronation Souvenir tin at Bimini Cricket

Print "Abbey Road" by Kurt HARTel

Scottish cattle photo print by Red Wolf Photography

Hand painted Welsh dragon folding fan (made to order) by Dengra Designs

Hand painted Union Jack sneakers by Emily Tam Hand Painting

Small messenger bag "Sherlock" by The Geek Chic Boutique


  1. You can stay with me anytime. x

    1. I would probably annoy the heck out of you! :-P

  2. I really love this collection, especially the Queen Elizabeth II tin. Oh yeah, and the fuzzy cattle...how funny :) Makes you want to take a trip.