This week's Smoosher subject is "Rainforest".
What else beside humidity and heat does rainforest make me think of? I did some brainstorming first. Parrots. Natives of the forest. Coatis (I love coatis - Itchy, Scratchy, Mr. Big? I miss you. You were the first ones at the zoo to be really nice to me and do my weekly combing ;-)). Leopards. Exotic plants. Butterflies.
Now that was something to work with already. I put on my safari hat and went to look for some of the things I had scribbled down.

First I found the butterflies, not just one, but lots of them! You can find them all in the studio of Harrison Hollow Designs, one by one, I chose to show you a picture of the whole bunch, though.

I thought the butterflies would love to see some exotic plants and I found it for them at Gingerbell's Gifts. I doubt any butterfly could resist this beautiful flower. Can you?

This piece of course screams rainforest, I couldn't have left it out. Isn't it stunning? Look at all the details! The artist, Adriana, lived in Venezuela and worked memories into this great sculpture. I'm so in love with it. Have a look at the other beautifuls items in her Clay Cat Shop.

Are you feeling the heat now?


  1. WOW! I love the candle holder, so beautiful :O)

  2. Laney, I have a tiger pattern barrette Ginger made for me ... she's one talented lady!

  3. Beautiful selections and such talent!!

  4. Great selections to represent the rainforest!