This week the Polymer Clay Smooshers asked what gets into mind when you hear turquoise. You might expect me to say it reminds me of the jewelry the Native Americans make or maybe what the color reminds me of, but actually I am thinking of a ring. I don't have a picture of that ring, it's not mine, but except jewelry from the bubblegum machine and a few family heirlooms I don't remember too much jewelry from my earlier childhood, so this ring really impressed me - a simple oval turquoise cab in a classic ring shank.

It's amazing to me how artisans can turn polymer clay into faux stones, it's something I haven't tried myself yet. Turquoise with its black veining is a great example for how versatile polymer clay can be in the right hands.
Check these out. Not the hands, the pieces!

Black lava, red jasper and faux turquoise make up this beautiful necklace by River Valley Design. I love the color combo!
At the shop Haffina Creations you can find a whole set of faux turquoise, earrings and a bracelet. The stones are beautifully done!

They really make me feel like trying this eventually after all. I'll need the right tutorial for that and since the beads in this one by 2 Good Claymates look gorgeous, I think it will be the right choice.

So maybe one day you'll see something from me, but I think I need a lot of practice to get as good as these guys ...


  1. Turquoise is so pretty. There is an abundance of it here in the American Southwest. Its such a casual stone yet can be dressed up so easily. Great post sweetie! <3