This week the Polymer Clay Smooshers blogring is about "What makes you smile?".
Lots of things make me smile. A ladybug on a leaf, a spider building her web, a bird in a tree, the sun shining, warm summer rains, a nice conversation, a baby blowing me a kiss (at the train station the other day), my cats snuggling up to me, kittens, puppies, tadpoles, good food, a little surprise gift, something good in my mailbox ... say when you want me to stop. I could go on longer you know!

Let me take you on a little Smoosher spree to look out for more things that can make me (and you?) smile.

Summer and ice tea go together hand in hand for me. Seeing a carafe of ice tea brings back lots of vacation memories for me, too.

Oh, look, look! There's the ladybug! Isn't he adorable? I love how he can move his legs, too.
He's trying to hide in the studio of Handmade Specialties, but no chance - I found him!

From the leaf to the water and to this lovely fish. Mortimer Inc writes this is a favorite among her friends and I can well understand why. Isn't that just so cute?

I know Easter is over, but these bunny sisters caught my eye (not the only thing to catch my eye in the Clay Cat Shop!). Don't you want to go awwwww when you see it?

Hm, can you tell animals make me smile a lot indeed?? ;-)


  1. Snuggly kitties again =) They make me smile, too! So do these awesome creations form the polymer clay smooshers, what a great group!