Rummaging through the drawers

There's no telling ever what will hide in my drawers. Little boxes with supplies for example, wire, some hooks, I have to be prepared everywhere and all the time if the creative urge comes over me.
The other day I found a half-finished WIP in a drawer. The wire had broken on the bail while wrapping and I needed to take it off to make a new one. Obviously that had proved too difficult for me at the time. I spent another 20 minutes turning the labradorite in my hand staring at the change from greenish-grey to blue, then tore myself away, unwrapped the bail and made a new one. To make a matching tube necklace with it sounded sensible at that moment, two hours later, still not done, it didn't sound that great anymore, but I absolutely wanted to see the result and I'm happy about it.
It's listed in my Zibbet shop now.

Another drawer WIP was this ring. The green stone was from the little treasure chest my sister gave to me for Christmas. I was intrigued by the different look of the smooth and the rough side. Why this project got stopped, I don't remember, but yesterday I stumbled over it and since there wasn't that much still to be done, I finished it. One down, two million to go ;-)
It's a big and heavy ring, but not uncomfortable. It was the first time I made a ring shank like this.

This is not a WIP. It's a piece I made for the monthly challenge of my Handmade in Europe guild. The subject was "Summer flowers". I have made flowers before, but I wanted to make something different this time. Two attempts pretty much failed before I came up with this flower. I crocheted each petal individually, then I attached them to each other. I better get it listed before my time is running out!

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