Zibbet finds of the week - Pumpkin time

Have I told you before that in my area we didn't have carved pumpkins, but "turnip ghosts"? It was mainly a tradition in the rural parts because farmers grew the turnips for feed, I never carved a turnip myself. This tradition is dying out not only because many farmers don't grow the turnips themselves anymore, but also because the pumpkins have been taking over thanks to Hallowe'en which came from Ireland to the USA and then back across the pond.
Since 2000 a town not that far from where I live, Ludwigsburg, even has an annual pumpkin exhibition with contests that claims to be the biggest one worldwide. According to friends - I haven't been there myself - it's pretty amazing.

The pumpkins I'm about to show you which I found on Zibbet may not weigh as much as the one holding the world record (2,624.6 lb.!!) since the exhibition in 2016, but I don't think you will mind.
What's your favorite?

The Twins Halloween Cat Folk Art Print by Kilkenny Cat Art

Pumpkin patch quilt by Strandz

Crow and pumpkin toddler peasant dress by Artsy Crafty

Halloween tags by Daintie Designs

Paper pumpkin small book art decoration by Paper Apple Company

Pumpkin spice soap with real pumpkin by Soap by Selena

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