Zibbet finds of the weeks - Daisies

The last few days I have had an earworm, no idea where that one has come from. "Daisy Bell" is a British song from 1892, and I can only remember one time I've ever heard the first lines, and that was in a sitcom I haven't watched recently.
It also happens to be the earliest song sung using speech synthesis by the IBM 7094 in 1961, Wikipedia tells me, which can't be the reason for it haunting me, either.
I figured it was a sign to choose daisies as a topic for today's Zibbet post even if the song has nothing to do with daisies whatsoever as you can hear here for yourself.

I have always loved daisies. Like countless other mothers my mother had to put up with fat little daisy bouquets in shot glasses.
Here's a special "flower bouquet" for you now.

White and pastel daisy chain necklace by Jen 42 Beadwork

Sterling flower earrings with lemon quartz by Healing Chi Designs

Flour sack towel with embroidered daisy by Embnut

Kufi hat with flower and ribbon by Love Bug Baby Boutique

Daisy flowers on dichroic glass pendant by Silvertree

Daisy pattern red and white laced doll dress by Silly Kitty

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