Zibbet finds of the week - Washing

Obviously washing is still a big topic at the moment, so much that a friend saw the rectangular stones I used in a bracelet as colorful bars of soap!
I wrote about soap back in March, and I'm happy to report that there has been no need to use my army soap since, not only because I have some liquid soap, but also a eucalyptus scented bar from Australia and a minty sheep milk one from a social project here in my hometown.


Today I brought you some fabulous items from Zibbet that are all about soap.
What are your favorites to use?

Baby and puppies greeting card by Cards by Colette

Soap dish T-Rex by Fan Art & Cosplay

Sweet orange and charcoal facial soap by Luscious Lather

Natural hemp fiber soap saver bag by Thoughtful Gems

Love potion soap by Bubble Castle

Soap mold "Halloween witch, cat and mouse" by egbhouse

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