Zibbet finds of the week - Crowned

A kid is told to get dressed in the morning, but doesn't feel like it and groans "I'd like to be a princess, always having someone to dress you..."
This is part of my family lore, but I won't name anyone. It wasn't me, though.
The quote is still coming up today. Are you a morning person?

Or was is your dream to be a princess or a prince?

How about another family story, this time featuring me as The Countess (don't ask why I didn't make Queen, I was too small to have a say in this) and someone else as The Chambermaid. All the Countess was allowed to do was sit on the bed - her carriage - and wave to the people while the Maid got to do whatever she wanted, put accessories on the Countess, prepare stuff and walk around. I was not fond of my part, and in fact I was never dressed up as a princess on carnival, either (I made a very cool journalist once, though).

Today's post offers you some royal items that I found on Zibbet. Enjoy.

Painting "The Oak King has fallen" by The Mysterious Domain 

(from October The Mysterious Domain, Arlene Whiteswan)

Pink "Royal Ladies" tote bag by Nettie's Cottage Creations

Princess Bride Snow crown made to order by Thyme2Dream

Lady, cat, and owl digital collage greeting card by Cards by Colette

Cling mount rubber stamp Queen Elizabeth II. by Cherry Pie Art Stamps

Scented soy candle party etc. gift by JSHC

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