Zibbet finds of the week - Summer refreshments

I'm sitting here enjoying a big piece of watermelon straight from the fridge.
Summer has finally hit us and those who have heard - or rather read - me complaining about the heat for years know that it doesn't make me happy (which is one reason why there were no finds last week, sorry). Luckily there are refreshments who help us through those days.
I can't share my watermelon with you, in fact I just ate the last chunk and drank the last bit of juice, but I can share refreshing items with you that I found on Zibbet.
Stay cool and safe out there!

Paper book watermelon by Paper Apple Co.

Citrus body butter by Etesian Plantaceuticals

"I love ice cream" resin charm by Sebby's Corner

Tuxedo cat with iced coffee giclee print by Kilkenny Cat Art

Notice board by Eternal Earth

Original watercolor painting "Grapes" by Sandrine's Gallery

Giant door wall sticker by Pulaton

Apple cider vinegar lotion by Ziryab's Body Brew

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