Zibbet finds of the week - Polar bears

Usually I pick a topic for the finds, go to Zibbet and look what beauties or cuties I can find. This time was different, though. I stumbled upon something I loved and spontaneously decided to change my choice of topic.
So if it may seem to you that I'm completely obsessed with temperatures in some way at the moment (which is the reason I skipped the finds last week, by the way, I was too worn out from the heat), well, you are right of course, but it really had no bearing on this week's post.
Polar bears are magnificent creatures, and it's more than sad to see how they are suffering from what humans have been doing to the planet (no, I'm definitely not a saint myself).
Did you know that there's an International Polar Bear Day on February 27 to make people aware of global warming and encourage them to reduce their carbon output?

Enough said. I hope you'll love the following items as much as I do.

Watercolor painting Polar Bear by Cherilynn Fine Art

Polar bear papercraft model pattern (PDF) by Ecogami

Needle felted polar bear French beret by Inflated Ego Studio

Polar bears original linocut print by Anna See

Minky white bear lovey blanket by BBs for Babies

Needle felted marshmallow bear by Droolwool

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