Zibbet finds of the week - Fiery

Looking back through my blog posts when trying to decide on a topic for the Monday posts, it's pretty amazing to see how whiny I am in the summertime. I want to apologize for that, but I really can't help it. I'd rather have others complain about ongoing rain, but I'm not that lucky this year ;-)
It's Saturday, and they predicted up to 40° C for the weekend which is 104° F. I'm hiding in here with my cool drink and my fan and with the blinds down because outside I would probably burn up in a second. Which actually brings me to today's topic - fire.
I guess I'll need another bottle of mineral water with cranberry juice to get me through the post because it's gonna be red hot!

Vintage fire fighter rescue patent set by My Little Print Shop

Fire flower dancing bracelet by Candy Bead

Magic MTG Planeswalker red e-reader cover by Geekify

Handmade crocheted bead necklace by My Memet

"Fire" etched copper font bracelet by Feathered Gems
Stained glass heart pendant necklace by Tocasol

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