Zibbet finds of the week - Feathers

Every year when summer vacation is approaching there are children on my train holding long peacock feathers. They are on the way home from a field trip one of whose stations is the Wilhelma, the only Botanical/Zoological Garden in Germany, situated in a part of Stuttgart (I used to live in that part for a while and have taken the train from there probably 1000s of times).
The peacock feathers are sold there when they fall out, they are of course not plucked out. "Feathers of angels, but the voice of the devil – this is the common denominator to which a well-known ornithologist brought the peacock at the beginning of the last century.", it says on the Wilhelma's website. That's very true, peacocks can be incredibly loud, but their feathers are gorgeous.
Summer vacation starts end of July in my area and there will be no field trips this year thanks to Corona, I assume. Even so I wouldn't see the children with their feathers because I'm still in home office myself.

Instead I took one of my own "field trips" to Zibbet and came back with a bunch of feathers for you to look at.

Black and purple gothic fairy wings by Bella Boutique Invitations and Stationery

Winter Beauty digital collage greeting card by Cards by Colette

Peacock feather earrings by Dancing Rainbows

Antique cabinet photo Victorian girls with feather hat at Sandy Creek Collectables

Feathered greeting art card by AJ's Designs

Blue/green feather print skirt by The Hughes Girls