Zibbet finds of the week - Beach party

I know, I know. Beach parties are a bit of a problem right now. Honestly, I wouldn't want to attend one and seeing pictures of full beaches makes me nervous. Of course they always remind me of Jaws, too ...
Digressing once again.
How about a virtual one instead? We could have a picnic, sit in the sand, look at the ocean, and talk about the latest beach wear on Zibbet's very own beach. I already started doing some beachcombing looking for stuff for our party, and no worries, I haven't even forgotten the sun block! :-)

Custom made sign by My Primitive Boutique

"Kissing fish" greeting card by Torn Paper TM

Beach belle bracelet by Lavender Mystic

Crochet beach hat by Alena's Design

Beach care package by Meadow Muffin Gardens

Herringbone weave cuff by WhatKnotShop

"Under the boardwalk" fine art card with glitter accents by Paper Dahls, LLC

Crochet beach halter bikini by Vikni Designs

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