Zibbet finds of the week - Random and beautiful #3

Years ago I did two posts I called "Random and beautiful" because I couldn't come up with a theme for the finds of the week. Back then I said I should do that more often, just go on Zibbet, browse, see what catches my eye and share that with you.
Sometimes I think of a theme and am surprised to find fewer items than I would thought, sometimes I struggle to come up with an idea in the first place depending on my own stress level or lack of time.
Today, however, I stumbled on one of those posts and thought, yes, I really should do it more often, so why not start right away? It's not as if I couldn't find enough beautiful items!

It makes for quite an eclectic mix. I have both soft and bold colors for you, a blast from the past, but also something modern, and there are different materials from delicate glass and porcelain to paper and fabric.
What's your favorite?

Vintage French pressed glass cups at Claudy with a dash of nonsense
African wear (choose your colors) by AFSU Women
Vintage Fitz and Floyd peony plate at Peligraphics

"Love" balloon card by No Ditto Design
Evening clutch by berriesDot

"Multiplying Losses: Little Children" quilt by Quilts on the Wild Side

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