Zibbet finds of the week - Light and shadow

Have you ever thought about losing your shadow?
I have loved the Mary Poppins books since I was a child. In the last chapter of "Mary Poppins in the Park" which is called "Hallowe'en" people's shadows get one evening of freedom from their "owners". I remember looking at my own shadow and wondering if I would have felt like a part of me had been taken away from me.

Light and shadow, none without the other.
I may not be the only one who sometimes feels there's more shadow than light at the moment, but today I have brought you both from my walk through Zibbet.

Light Play - fine art print by Fire Spirit Designs

"As I Walk These Lonely Streets" art print by Shashamane Dream Photos

Cat shadow rubber stamp by Cherry Pie Art Stamps

Winter Light - Fine art print by budanArt

Crystal forest terrarium light by The Moonstoned Alchemist

Aluminum print Firefly by Two Rabbits

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