Zibbet finds of the week - Hair accessories

I have long hair. It's not down to the butt anymore, but it's long, and there are a few people who wonder why I as an old woman in my mid-50s (their thoughts obviously, not mine) don't get my hair cut off, even more why I just let it go grey now without getting it shaved off first ;-)

Hair accessories always gave me problems. It's not that I don't like them, but not all of them worked for me. Do you know those scrunchies that are always too small to go round your hair three times, but keep slipping down if you only do two rounds? I had a leather barrette that I loved, it was beautiful, but I just couldn't fit my hair in there at the time. And because my hair is quite straight, hair combs liked to fall out of it doing the Wilhelm scream.
That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to look and dream (and feel sad because my favorite velvet hair bow with a little netted pouch for my long hair got lost).
So here are some beautiful accessories from Zibbet sellers for you.

Hand painted yoga headband by Portraits of Elegance

Hot pink chiffon bow baby/toddler/child headband by Personal Touch Gifts

Cold porcelain floral French barrette by Rose Petals

Horse Fans woven headband and bow set by Sweet Pea Kidz Too

Halloween cat ear headband by Old Hippie Heaven

Beaded Kumihimo feather hair clip by The Witch and Mule

Steampunk hair pin with bee by The Steampunk Trunk


  1. Hi Cat, Long time no see. I do get your blog notifications still. Your opening description sounds like I could have written it!! I low-lighted for awhile but stopped about 6 years ago ... I'm lucky to have a platinum silver color that goes well with my complexion. Oh, I MUST now use Eyebrow Color/Brush if I don't want to look totally washed out and OLD (lol) when going out somewhere if I feel like looking presentable!!
    My hair is thick and won't fit in "normal" barrettes. Lately, I've just been using one of those 'crab' type pinch holders but that's not enough if I want to keep hair off of shoulders, so I must use a hairband also.

    1. Hey Al :-)
      I still get yours, too, but I haven't seen any for a while? I'll have to check.
      I'm embracing my OLD and topping it with NERD *lol* Presentable is not really my style. Not that I'm going out at all at the moment.

      I usually wear my hair open and only use a scrunchie every, now and then. Very rarely I make an ugly bun at home using paintbrushes, pencils or chopsticks to hold them up, anything I can grab at the moment :-D