Zibbet finds of the week - Wild cats

Today I had the incredibly rare chance to see a panther in the wild. As you see, I didn't dare getting too close, but I managed to take a picture. I call it "Panther in the Sun".

Don't argue with me about that, Gundel can definitely behave like a little panther sometimes, especially if I try to hold her for too long, and she's a predator. At the moment she's stalking something on my desk and I have no doubt that she'll catch it in the end! Mostly because it's something that's not alive and can't run away ...

Big cats have been playing a role in my dreams ever since I was a kid, mostly black panthers and lions. That doesn't mean these dreams have always been nightmares. Big cats are fascinating, elegant and powerful.
Today I want to show you some different wild cats that I found on my own little "safari" on Zibbet.

The Crying Stone Lion photo by John Harmon Gallery

Hand painted tiger sneakers by Wen Artwork

ACEO "Yellow Mountain Lion - North" by 3 Cats Jewelry and Arts

Vintage polygon men's t-shirt by Digital Art

Baby tiger hat by The Whimsical Studio

Silver and black leopard eyelash scarf by Breitwerk

Printed illustration on laminated wood - The Lion by Colorful Thoughts

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