Zibbet finds of the week - Spring again

A lot of people are talking about spring these days, but spring is different this year. Sun, the fresh colors, blooming flowers, birds singing, bees buzzing, that certain feeling in the air ... but many of us can't enjoy it like we used to in former years.
I have been pretty much stuck in my flat for almost two months myself now, except for short trips to the trash can and the mailbox (so exciting! ;-)) and a little time spent in the backyard with the small garden strip around it.
The colors are out there, though, in the early morning I've had a little bird visitor on my window sill every, now and then, and I can feel a soft breeze coming in through the windows. Not at the moment, it has been very chilly today, but it'll be back.

So I thought I'd take a little virtual spring stroll through Zibbet, and here's what I found for you.

Reinforced guinea pig and hedgehog tunnel by Sewing in Czech Republic

16 x 20 glass print pink and white daisy by Two Rabbits (S. Panico Photography)

Spring blue sky bottlecap pincushion by Creative Miscellany

March of the ladybugs dress (6 months) by Artsy Crafty
Red, orange and yellow tulips brooch by Bread & Roses Handcraft

Elven princess spring wedding tiara by Thyme 2 Dream

Spring market tote with pockets by Nettie's Cottage Creations


  1. Fun finds! The elven princess wedding tiara is especially fabulous!

    1. You are only saying that because you wouldn't fit into that cute dress! :-D

  2. Thank you for including my circlet! I shared on Twitter & FB!