Zibbet finds of the week - Animals to love, Pt. 1

Have I mentioned before that I collect Steiff? Just kidding, of course I know I did.
I have also shown you my very own teddy bear which has been my best friend since I was born, mostly because he knows all my secrets, gulp. This morning when he knocked the tissue box off my nightstand again (he tends to lose balance sometimes, then his head knocks it down, maybe I'm snoring and he doesn't get enough sleep ;-)), I had to give him a quick hug. I'm not a natural hugger of everyone and everything in my sight, but now, after more than nine weeks in isolation and without Ponder (still not able to talk about that) even I miss an occasional hug. Gundel loves snuggles, but she's even less of a hugger than myself!
This gave me the idea to hop over to Zibbet and look for animals to love. As you see, this is part 1 which concentrates on crocheted and knitted animals.
Say hello to these cuties!

Crocheted guinea fowl by JEM Creative Creations

Poo-Poo calf and his Mom crocheted by Dum Dum's Shop

Stuffed toy animal lamb by Barking Dog Designs

Knitted pig toy by Dong Lai Handmade

Crocheted classic colors sock monkey by Miniature Monkey Creations

Crocheted duckling by Created By Chell

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