Zibbet finds of the week - Miniatures

When I was a kid, I stayed with my godmother on her parents' farm every, now and then. Beside spending time in the stables playing with kittens, reading books in the garden or helping in the kitchen (I doubt I was much of a helper) one of my favorite activities was going into the attic room to play with the dollhouse. The house was set up all the way in the back where it was a little dark, and I remember standing at the door each time while I was trying to muster the courage I needed to dive into that dark spot. Once I had made it, I forgot everything around me, though.
Most of the dollhouse was handmade. The baby's bed for example was an embellished matchbox. I don't remember the exact look of each single item, but I still have some very fond memories, wildly exaggerated over the years, no doubt.
I have always loved miniatures. My best friend had that perfect 70s style dollhouse in which my favorite item was the little Christmas tree. Then there was one of my children's books, father and sons made a dollhouse for the younger daughters, with lights that really lit up! To have something like this was a dream of mine. Last but not least Erich Kästner's "The Little Man and the Little Miss" - my favorite part was how the tiny couple got their very own perfect house. I could just see it before my inner eye!

Now let's come to today's finds of the week, however. I had a look through Zibbet to find some miniatures, not necessarily for dollhouses, though. I have overcome that childhood obsession, well, kind of ;-)
I hope you'll enjoy my little (pun intended) selection.

Miniature moss roof clay turf house ornament by Kilkenny Cat Art

Handpainted ceramic miniature tea set by My Thai Miniatures

Small hand woven wall hanging or necklace by The Seven Eyed Swan

Vintage miniature wooden Coca Cola crate with bottles at My Coffee Boy

Miniature "Montegue Mushroom" clay figurine by Enchanted Craft

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