Zibbet finds of the week - The Color Red

It's raining outside and it's hard to tell it's actually morning because it's so dark in here. As I said before, I don't mind the rain or darkness myself. I have a big black furry head on my left wrist and hand that keeps purring away, apart from that it is quiet, all I hear is a car splashing through the rain outside.
I know people, however, who hate this side of the season, and for those I want to brighten up the day and give it some color - red.
So here's a selection of items that I found on Zibbet and which show you the amazing palette of autumn reds.

Autumn fox wedding cake topper by Anna Clay Creations

Early Victorian garnet locket brooch at Clan Kelly Designs

Burgundy slouchy crochet hat by Vikni Designs

Autumn red wood and metal wall sculpture by Diva Art69 Studios

Burgundy embroidered autumn beret by Zora Art

Large custom red leaves tree acrylic painting by Nathalie Van

Boho red wool coat by classydress

Copper cage necklace by Cat's Wire


  1. Lovely! I especially love that copper cage necklace. ­čśä


    1. Thank you, Michelle! I love all those reds, pure fall!