Zibbet finds of the week - Bats

Welcome back to my Hallowe'en countdown!
Today I'll introduce you to some bats on Zibbet. I love bats. The only bat I didn't love was the one I had to make from screws, nuts, bolts, and nails when I was in 5th or 6th grade. We had to glue those onto black cardstock. Yes, there's the bad word. Glue. No wonder mine sucked. It's amazing I'm doing anything creative at all because art class wasn't exactly encouraging to me throughout all of my school years ;-)

The following bats, however, do not suck at all.
Believe it or not, I only just noticed that this could be understood as a joke regarding vampires, but it's really not although none of these do look like vampires to me.
I wish we had more of these fascinating animals around my neighborhood. Years ago I kept seeing a few, but after a few weeks they had gone. Maybe they had just visited from the nearby woods.

These bats would gladly come to live with you.
I hope you'll enjoy my selection.

Flying fox painting by Chris Wrinn Fine Art

Bat print bow tie for cats or dogs by Sebby's Corner

The Night Fairy 1985 Amelia Jane Murray vintage lithograph at Le Petit Poulailler

Itty Bitty Bat lacework hair grip by Angels Cave

Bats and moon patchwork kitchen towel by Sewlicitations

I love bats bead loomed pendant by Cat's Wire


  1. Thanks for the feature, Cat, and GREAT finds on Zibbet!

    1. You are most welcome, I love your painting so much!