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I know Monday is usually the day for finds of the week or an interview with the artist, but today I'm going to spare you the story or the questions. Instead I will ask you to enjoy a few pictures from the German shop Seelenlautfarben.
At Seelenlautfarben you can find postcards, greetings cards, posters, mugs, all of the motives can be made into wall art as well. I'll leave you with what the artist says herself: "May power, light, love, and energy always flow from my paintings."

Postcard "Fire spirits"

Large postcard "It's raining soul colors"

Poster "Soul sound blossoms"

Greetings card "... but not our love"

Poster "What sounds on the wings of the lute"

And last but definitely not least there are the cat postcards! Couldn't go without mentioning them, could I? ;-)

Postcard "Couldn't hurt a fly"

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