Zibbet finds of the week - Japan

What comes to your mind when you think of Japan? Manga and anime? Temples? Fuji? The food? Transistor radios? Cars? Other technology? Macaques looking like grumpy old men sitting in hot springs? Of course I could go on and on.
Actually when I hear Japan, I first think of a family I had the pleasure to meet when they were here in Germany for a year, the conversation, the incredible food (as a vegetarian I was a little worried at first that all I would be able to eat was rice, oh, how wrong I was!) and the lovely gift of a Japanese doll for my collection.
There is more and I think the odds are high that one or the other thing was on your own list.

Watercolor print "Swimming with Koi" by Victoria Holman Art

Kimono set for BJD doll by Miss Okappa

3 panel painting "Cherry blossom" by IIIrd Generation Studios Art
Two rice bowls with chopsticks by Blue Sky Pottery

ACEO watercolor print Maneki Neko lavender cat with kitten by 3 Cats Jewelry and Art

Vintage Sake serving set at ZiLvintage

Measuring tape Sushi and Wasabi by All About The Buttons

Reprint of old Japan map from 1855 at Old City Prints


  1. What a terrific collection. Thanks so much for including my sushi tape.