Oldies but Goodies - Personal

This week the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge was about a problem that should be familiar to many artists and artisans - if you can call it a problem, that is.
Sometimes we just can't let go of things, no matter what it is. Paintings, pottery, glass, jewelry, and much more. And there are different reasons for that, too. Maybe it took you really long because you messed up along the way and had to rip a piece up. Sometimes there just isn't a price on the blood, sweat, tears, heart and love you put into something. It could be there's a special story behind it. Or maybe it started telling a story you didn't anticipate at first.
These are only a few of the personal pieces our JAC members couldn't let go of. Click the link above to see more than just jewelry, too. We even learned something new about one of our members in this challenge ourselves.

1 2 Fab Fristers
2 Jewelry Art by Dawn
3 MC Stoneworks
4 The Crafty Chimp
5 Cat's Wire
6 RioRita
7 Violetmoon's Corner


  1. It was so nice to see everybody has some pieces they can't part from. Now I know I'm not the only one. :)

    Totally understandable too when you take a look at the selections.

    1. I would love to keep any of these myself! :-D

  2. I think sometimes we just put too much of ourselves into our creations which makes it really difficult to let them go. Lovely selections!

    1. You are probably right. It's the pieces with a "journey" I have a hard time to let go.