Creating for charity

I remember how I once knitted a cat from black wire, black crystals, with yellow crystal eyes. Unfortunately I only have a really bad picture of it.
When I posted the picture of the sparkly cat (still without chain then) on my Facebook page, I wasn't sure yet what it should be, so I added the question "What should I do with it?" and got the answer "Donate it to a cat rescue." The lady also came up with some cat rescues in the US and Canada right away although I tried to explain that I am in Germany.
Okay, so that hadn't been exactly what I meant, I thought more in lines of should it be a necklace or maybe a brooch, but then again ... why not?

Since then I have donated pieces for more than one charity or a cause dear to my heart, both in my own and other countries. Usually I don't find out how much they have actually brought in for the charity, but I'm always hoping I could help at least a little bit.
You won't be surprised to hear that the charities or small clubs that I donated for usually have to do with animals.
Often they have an open day where they sell things or maybe there's a raffle or a silent auction.
Here are some of the items I made for them. I wish I had taken pictures of all of them.
Somehow it seems right to make something that is related to the cause itself. A cat for the rescue organization or helping out with vet costs (not mine or it wouldn't be a donation ;-)), little birds, animal patterns for the local zoo ...

Another way is of course to put something in a shop and donate all or part of the proceeds. I think that makes most sense if you have an own category for those items, so you can collect a amount instead of donating a few bucks every, now and then. Personally I prefer the other way, also because I like the idea of creating something for exactly this event.
Thinking about it it's time again to look out for some events.

And if you wonder now why I am telling you all this, well, the month is almost over which means it was time for the blog carnival at the Jewelry Artisans Community.
Let's see what other members have to say about the topic or what items they will show us.

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  1. Cat, your animal pattern pieces are amazing. What a wonderful product to donate to an animal group. It' ses wonderful to see the effort, creativity and love that goes into your charity pieces and I bet that the groups you support really appreciate what you do.

    1. Thank you!
      If our zoo had a shop, I would make more, but now I'll have to wait for another event :-)

  2. Of course I'm not surprised that you donate to animal shelters and so.
    I love the black cat, such a shame you don't have better photos. :)

    1. It would have surprised me had you been surprised ;-)
      Yes, I sent the cat off so fast, I just didn't think of it. I also made two others and never took any picture of them at all, duh.