Zibbet finds of the week - A quick snack

Sometimes it just has to be a quick snack, for example when I grab something at the train station where I transfer from one train to the other and think all the people around me can hear my stomach growling like a big dog. Or when I go grocery shopping after work and don't think I'm gonna make it home without starving on the spot. Or when I'm out window shopping and just can't resist the scent coming from the hot dog vendor's booth (ok, so that doesn't happen to me as I'm vegetarian, but there used to be those times ;-)). Or when I am craving French fries twice a year.

You can have it all without any calories at all. Granted, you will still be hungry, but these items I hunted down for you are still so much fun!

Pizza burlap pillow cover by Amore Beaute

Vegan sudsy fries soap by AJSweetSoap

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich necklace by A Lil Bit Of Cute

Felt food hot dog by Bailey's Little Bites

Pizza My Heart card by Amazing Grace Handmade Art

Vintage Hamburgers and Deli Sandwiches neck tie at Vintage Intent

Hot dogs bow tie (also as hair clip, pet bow tie, headband) by SunFlower Freckles

Pizza slice potholder by A Little Geeky

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