Zibbet finds of the week - Australia

I remember the first presentation we had to do in English class. We were allowed to pick our own subject, and since I had been checking out books about Australia from the library for a long time, the choice was easy to me.
Those books were mostly about the flora and fauna, though, and I have to admit that I concentrated on the fauna. So to get more information - you have to remember, those were the early 80s and there was no internet - I wrote to the Australian Embassy and they sent me a wonderful big package of brochures and things which might even still be around somewhere. I worked through them and through library books and put together my presentation.
There was also to be a short Q&A session at the end, and not only the students could ask questions, but also the teacher who would usually ask the class to make sure they didn't drop off sleeping. A friend of mine asked me if I could tell her just one thing, so she could make a good impression, so she prepared to explain what marsupials are.

Back to the present ... today's finds of Zibbet are in honor of Australia's unique and wonderful fauna.

Koala bear crib mobile by ZooToys

New Holland dingo vintage engraving at Le Petit Poulailler

Great White Shark security blanket by BBs for Babies

Resin earrings with vintage Kookaburra stamps by I Walk With My Heart

Duck billed platypus by Suzi Q Designs
Vintage Australian dollar coin pendant by Traveler's Treasures Lorinda 3 L Jewelry

Australian animals wine glass charms by Catching Angels


  1. great finds, Cat! I'm so pleased you've included my New Holland Dingo - thanks so much! xo karen

    1. I was so glad I found your dingo and I'm always glad to show some of your wonderful items, Karen.
      I was determined not to show just a bunch of kangaroos :-D