Zibbet finds of the week - Still cats

It is not easy trying to concentrate if you have a naggy cat sitting next to you. It's not much better if said cat is on your lap, his claws digging into your arm. Not to hurt you, mind you, just to hold on. It's so easy to fall off a lap these days. Gotta think about the height. 2 feet are 2 feet, terrible things could happen. Maybe it will be more comfortable on the shoulder. What are 17 lb among friends, right? The shoulder is even higher, though. Better hold on. So good to have claws.
To cut this story short, today's finds of the week are brought to you by Ponder, the master of this house. And mine.
It's okay, about two years ago I had already announced there would be more cat finds from Zibbet ...

Digital print "The Eyes Have It" by Will Clark Art

Calligraphy on handmade paper by Teresa Hart Originals

Kitty drawing print by Sandrine's Gallery

Original painting "Playing Cat and Mouse" by Diana's Wonderworks

Kid Cat print by Northshire

Orange tabby cat print by Wrens' Roost

Cat art print by hoddleypoddley

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