Zibbet finds of the week - Snow again

I have talked about snow and snowmen before and I brought some lovely snowy items as finds of the week.
What can I say? Winter is on its way and while some of my friends had the incredible "luck" of having ten inch of snow or more already, I have been shocked by snowfall twice so far (when writing this). It just dusted over the cars and roofs, but after eating two strawberries from the garden only a week ago - and they were good and sweet, too! - I was speechless when seeing snow.
Yes, I don't like it, you already know that. Nothing is going to change that. Don't fear, I will not tell you about my childhood trauma again. Instead I will give you snow that even I like. Have fun!

Primitive snowman tree ornament by Stitching Time Boutique

Ruby red crystal snowflake earrings by BRADA Jewelry

"Little girl in the window" greeting card by Elinor Sethman

Vintage sheet music "Frosty the Snow Man" at Scrap Pantry

Sun catcher Snowflake and Ice by Dancing Rainbows