Zibbet finds of the week - Halloween again

I can't say it often enough that I love Halloween. It's that time of year again now. A nice side effect is that I don't have to justify the cobwebs in my place now, I can just declare them as being decoration and Charlie and Henry, Charlotte and Suzie - the creators of those cobwebs - as extras. Admit it, you are wondering now if it really does look that bad ;-)
Can anyone tell me where to get some skulls, scary pumpkins and more? Wait, I know. Let's head over to Zibbet and see what I found there, okay?

"Twilight forest" Halloween card by Sandra Lock

Redcap Goblin mask by Kevin Tickel Art

Sterling silver skull ring by Promise Designs

"Headless Horseman" print by Jen Leiner Art

Halloween tote by Millions of Stitches

Samhain greeting card by Catbird Craft

Halloween burp cloth by Heaven's Little Angel

Original watercolor "October" by AriesNamarie: Illustration and Art