Zibbet finds of the week - Wolves

Today I don't really have a story for you. I know that usually I have an anecdote for everything, but all I could tell you today is how I can't watch the ending of "Dances With Wolves" because, well, because it makes me tear up even now just thinking about it.
So why don't you listen to these wolf sounds instead before we head over to the pack of wolves I found on Zibbet.

Black wolf drinking horn style beer mug by Mad Dragon Designs

Photo print "Out come the wolves" by Sarah Schism Photography

Howling wolf wall hanging by The Looks

Wolf t-shirt hand screenprint by Couth

Sterling Silver cloud strife wolf ring by Le Dragon Argente

Carved bone and wood howling wolf pendant by Sassy Sudbury Sisters

Wolves sand carved etching wall hanging picture by Glens Glitz

Custom sewn valance in waterfall and wolves print fabric by Karen's Bed & Bath

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