Zibbet finds of the week - Water

Did you really believe me when I told you last week that I would start complaining about the heat? Well, the ten minutes are over, but unfortunately the heat isn't.
We all have our own ways dealing with it. Going to the pool, turning on the A/C if we have one, turning on fans, have fourteen cool showers a day, have a cold beverage (which will in fact not help if it's too cold), avoid snuggling too much with the cats, letting cold water run over the wrists every, now and then ... or you can do what I did the other day.
Get a glass of water with lots of ice cubes. Lean back and put the glass on your forehead (don't let go of it!). Notice that second too late that haven't leaned back quite enough and enjoy a refreshing shower of water and ice cubes over your shirt!

Are you ready for a little virtual  water from Zibbet now?

Water ripple photo print by Carolyn Cochrane Photography

Hokusai's The Great Wave Off Kanagawa soap bar by Sky Rain Soap

Sea turtles mosaic made to order by GlassArts Studio

Outdoor throw pillow in sea blues by Linda Pare Designs

Zenful water lily necklace - choose your color by Bottled Up Creations

Blue Waters memory box by Rocky's Unique Creations