Zibbet finds of the week - The colors of the 70s

Inspired by yesterday's quote of the week we will dive into the color pots of the 70s today.
Oh, the stories I could tell you. I was born in 1965, so the 70s made up my childhood and there are lots of memories. Wallpaper, clothes, fabrics, scarfs ... for example I'll never forget that my friend wove a yellow and brown scarf on the loom at elementary school. To this day I have to think of that first when I see the color combination.
I'm glad that no pictures exist of my incredible striped hotpants with lots of orange. I must have looked so groovy!
The 70s are still in my house, too. Some of my Barbie and Francie dolls are wearing exciting mod outfits for example.

Not all of the following items are vintage, but the colors reminded me of the old days (when I was still young, summers lasted longer, and you could buy tons of candy for a penny ... ok, not true, but I'm sure you do know those kind of stories!).

Knitting project bag by Lunastitch

Green mod patterned A line doll dress by Silly Kitty

70s look headband with sequined flower by ZZ Designs

Groovy 1970s flower tin canisters at ZiL Vintage

Keyring wallet coin purse by Stitch 1 Stitch 2

Mod wood branch necklace from altered vintage brooch by Brass Botanical


  1. Always loved Retro pinks, greens and oranges...groovy!!

    1. Just asking, would you wear them, too? :-D

  2. Nice picks! An era I never got to experience, but feel a strong connection to.

    1. As a child of the late 60s and the 70s I'm probably biased! ;-)