Zibbet finds of the week - Birds

This morning a bird was singing outside my window. I know that some people find that sound annoying when they are trying to sleep, but in my opinion it beats the claws of a cat who has been trying to wake you up for an hour anytime.
Even now as I am sitting here listening to the noises of my street with all the construction going on around at the time, I can hear a bird singing through the hammering, the sawing and the sounds of the cars. And I love it.

Enjoy this little "aviary".

Friendship notecards by Lighthearted Dreamer
Paper mache Hummingbird mask by DaraGallery

Handbag Birds and Swirls by Unexpected Treasure

Crow etching print by William Lee Holt

Mod Tweet baby quilt by Wandering Stars

Love birds tree of life giclee print by HJM Art Gallery


  1. This is such a lovely collection, Cat! Thank you so much for including my notecard set with all of these lovely birdie creations!

  2. Very nice eclectic collection, Cat. Thank you for including my crow etching!

    1. You are most welcome!
      I love to show how many different items within one topic can be found on Zibbet!

  3. I love some of these finds. Thanks for including my hummingbird mask!

    1. You are very welcome, Jenny. The mask is beautiful!