Zibbet finds of the week - Random and beautiful #1

Today I didn't pick a topic for the finds of the week. I just went to Zibbet, clicked here, clicked there, and then I chose whatever caught my eye first in a good way. I discovered some fabulous things. I should do that more often.

Now take off your shoes, kick back and enjoy those "random" beauties!

Art print "Chinese Lantern" by Dana Martin

Art doll "Drake Fairy" with dragon by Conchy Gem Dolls

1920s Richard Hudnut Three Flowers Talcum tin unused at Classic Collector

Bearded dragon lamp by Design Duo 2

Surreal illustration "Cute little devils" by TrixieFishStabber Productions

Baby girl quilt "Fox" by Quiltcountry

Cuff "Victorian" in purple leather by Tom Banwell Designs

Candle plate by Claysomnia Handmade

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