Zibbet finds of the week - I'm a collector #3

At the moment I am doing a lot of time traveling thanks to my portrait pendants, to my movie quotes and my doll projects. Only yesterday we took a little trip back into the 60s here on the blog.
It made me think that I haven't shared any vintage treasures with you in a while, so let's just dive back into time and see what I found, shall we?

Wouldn't these sunglasses be just perfect with a hippie dress?

70s sunglasses at Studio 2

It's amazing what you can do with vintage paper. This lot caught my attention not only because they are German book pages, but also because of the hair in the illustration on the right.
The text reads: "Wonderful growth of hair. A famous physician and chemist has found a remedy which makes hair grow on bald heads overnight. Doctors are speechless in the face of that amazing announcement."
Isn't it great?

Old German book pages at Jillian's Art and Dreamy Papers

I absolutely loved this board game. Of course I have it in the German version. Have you ever played it?

Vintage board game "Careers" at Scrap Pantry

The look of this alarm clock is still very familiar to me as well although I don't recognize the manufacturer.
It made me wonder if anyone still uses this kind of alarm clock for more than a beautiful decoration. And guess what, they do. That is why it is so important to know that those clocks - this is not the only beauty in the shop - do work and are as reliable as they were decades ago.

Vintage German alarm clock at Circe Collectables

I have never had sushi and I definitely never had fugu because I wouldn't have the guts, but these cups showing puffer fish are really nice, don't you think?

Sushi cups with puffer fish at Sassydoggs

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