Zibbet finds of the week - Playdate

Deep down I'm still a child. I have my collections of (mostly) vintage Steiff and Barbie and I have a whole book cabinet full of children's books - and yes, I do read them from time to time, too. Most of them, but not all, are from my own childhood. Some I had taken out from the library regularly and I really have to thank the internet for giving me the possibilities of finding some of them many years later to add to my collection.
This week the child inside has taken over to pick the finds of the week.
I hope you'll have fun on this little virtual playdate!

Handmade wooden doll house by WoodNack

Bat plush vampire bat by The Hunny Bunny Company

Toy "baby carriage" by Mini Prams by Anna Aleksashenko

Custom amigurumi doll based on children's drawings by Yarn It Up

Dinosaur doll by peewee princess

The Alphabet pillow set by MimiRob

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