Zibbet finds of the week - I'm learning to fly

To be able to fly by yourself is something many people seem to be dreaming of. I'll be honest, I'm not one of them. I have never been excited about being on a plane, and I don't know what you'd have to promise me to get me onto a balloon ride for example. Although my dreams are often very vivid, interesting, even weird, I seem to prefer train rides to flying of any kind (which may seem really strange to those people who have seen me through the last nine train strikes here in Germany).

Nevertheless I can understand how other people may love that feeling of freedom and being able to touch the skies, so-to-speak.
Today's post is dedicated to a fellow member of my jewelry forum JAC. Kevin, this is for you.
Let's go flying ...

... like a balloon.

Giclee print "It flew away" by Fairytalez 'N Fantasiez

... like a bird.

"Crow in flight" painted pendant by Windy Paints

... like a bee.

Bumble bee baby mobile by Cherry Time

... like a cloud.

Storm photography by Green Goose Gallery

... like an airplane.

Multicolor airplanes card set by We Make You Enjoy

... like a kite.

"Kites aloft" giclee canvas print by Carol Thompson

... like, erm, a pig?

Sepia "Flying Pigs" CD wall clock by Eclectic Skeptic

Don't forget, however ... coming down is the hardest thing ;-)


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