Zibbet finds of the week - The bunny and the egg

Who was first, the bunny or the egg? Will we ever know? ;-)

To be honest, I have known many bunnies over the years, shy ones, cuddly ones, white ones, grey ones, those with short ears, those with longer ears, fat ones, long ones, crazy ones, but none of them ever gave me an egg. It was kind of disappointing. They were lucky that they were all so incredibly adorable.

Still I couldn't resist to have a look around on Zibbet for bunnies and eggs. I mean, who knows, maybe I just never found those eggs?
What do you think?
Happy Easter!

Little Annie Tutu watercolor painting by Dusty Shamrock Studio

Hand carved ostrich egg Protea flower by Creative Eggs

Bunny softy in teal blue by Little Sidekick

Felted bunny Sydney by SusieQs

Vintage porcelain egg shape vase at The Rose Cottage Emporium

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