Zibbet finds of the week - Where's spring?

Okay, I do know that it's still too early to ask for spring, and I don't even have the right to complain. Winter hasn't been too cold here and we hardly had any snow so far ... and I totally know I jinxed it now and we will probably drown in snow.
I also know that the Southern Hemisphere is heading into fall and I have seen the snow pictures from the US that made me humbly thank the German branch weather gods for sparing us that.
And still ... I have a cold, and right now I am up because I have trouble breathing and I am whiny and I have a sore throat ... heck, give me spring!

Since the weather gods are not that friendly, however, I went for one of my little virtual trips searching for the colors of spring this time keeping up the hope that it is not too far around the corner.

Birds on a branch clutch by Foxbury and Co.
Spring bells Lily of the Valley print by Valentine Photography

Green real flower resin ring by Natural Pretty Things

Spring renewal art card, ACEO by Diane Clancy

Spring Splash pillow cover by Ebi Emporium

Welcome spring pen holder by Harrison Hollow Designs

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