Zibbet finds of the week - Mint

What do skobeloff, zomp and mint have in common? You never heard of the first two? Neither had I, but Wikipedia is telling me that they are all variations of the color spring green.
This fact that is most likely completely uninteresting to you is brought to you today by the number 3. Or the letter A. Wait, I think I'm getting confused. Peppermint tea. That was it.
I am sitting here nipping cold peppermint tea which started a train of thoughts that ended up in the color mint. Oh yes, I do have a complex and weird mind.

Mint is a great color, fresh and cool and wonderful for spring. Let's see what I found on Zibbet, shall we?

Mint green cable knit pillow case with silver studs by Effia K Design

Mint with silver Moroccan lantern by Open Vintage Shutters

Peppermint, green mint soap by SudsNSparkles

Cactus photography by See Life Shine

Pastel mint infinity scarf by Lovely Squid

Ocean Jewel necklace by Chicalessia

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