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Today I'm going to introduce you to Hedwig Courths-Mahler, a German writer of love stories or as she put it "fairytales for adults". Courths-Mahler stopped writing in 1935, so her novels are obviously set in time before that which might make them seem a little, erm, aged to us.
Five of her novels were made into movies in the 70s with well known German actors ... who didn't always seem to take the "fairytales" very seriously which annoyed Courths-Mahler's daughter. The keyword is "overacting". Reason enough to pick some quotes from them over the next months (which will be obviously be translated by me as there is no English version) because that's just what my twisted sense of humor likes.

A special touch are a narrator reading parts from the novel, the still photos that are shown in between and of course the piano music which matches every mood so perfectly.

After both of Ria's parents are dead, industrialist Rolf Matern, a long time friend of the family whose secret it is that he made his money through an invention by Ria's father, takes her in. Ria who knows about this, but doesn't want to reveal the secret, falls in love with Matern's son Heinz.

When Heinz' parents die, he offers Ria a marriage of convenience. He quickly finds that he loves her, but thinks she doesn't love him, while she feels she is his "unloved woman".

Will they reveal their love to each other despite the breach of trust and the silence between them?
Who is Mr Krause? And what does Ria need all that money for?

When Ria visits a friend, Heinz goes into her room to feel near to her. There is a picture of him on her desk. But what is this? It looks as if someone has kissed the picture. As much as the question plagues him, however, he cannot ask her.

When he finally finds out his father's secret and what Ria did, he has to know.
"Ria, did you kiss my picture?"

And they lived happily ever after, I guess.

Eine ungeliebte Frau (An unloved woman), Germany, 1974 (after the novel from 1918)

 P.S. I wish I could give you the slightest idea of how the actors speak, gesture, move and even stand. Maybe the screenshots help understand a little ;-)
P.P.S. Look forward to more quotes from the other movies!

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