Zibbet finds of the week - Geometry

Math is not my thing. I remember a time when I was pretty clueless. Geometry, algebra ... I just didn't know what those people (aka math teachers) wanted from me. There was one time when we wrote a test. I stared at the paper and my mind was blank. I was totally lost and close to tears when my math teacher came up to my desk and calmed me down. He was a kind man who left us much too early. This post is in honor of him.

As little as I know about the theory of geometrical shapes, the much I like using them in my own designs and seeing them in others.
Today's post is all about circles, rectangles, triangles ... Have fun!

Elemental wooden square coaster set with pentacle box by Breath of the Dragon

Triangle pattern drawing photo art print by Crowsdance Designs

Decorative pillow cover by Pillow Link

Bronze pawprint rectangular keychain by Feathered Gems

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