Finds of the week - Monkeys

I know it doesn't make sense, but when my cats have one of their five minute fits - which can take up to thirty minutes - I like to call them crazy monkeys. One of those crazy monkeys danced on the table this morning making short breaks to attack the jacket that's hanging over one of the chairs.
If you know me a little, you will not be surprised that from there it was only a small step to today's topic. Time for a little safari again, come with me and we'll look for monkeys (and apes) in the Zibbet jungle!

Oscar postcard by Raspberry Doodles

Monkey head glass ornament from Frugally Found For You

Arabic hugging birthday monkey card by A Crafty Arab

Monkey and ripple baby blanket by Miniature Monkey Creations

Pink monkey quilt by A Gift To Treasure

Monkey animal figurine by Classon Creations

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