Zibbet finds of the week - Fruit

Last year I did a post about delicious vegetables, now it's time to put some fruit on the table.
What is your favorite fruit? I'm like a child, cut me up some fruit and put it on a plate and I'll eat it, but I'm always too lazy to do the cutting myself, and I keep forgetting to eat the fruit as a whole until I notice some shriveled things in my kitchen that used to be apples ...

Instead I did some virtual fruit picking today, in the garden of Zibbet.

Strawberry shortcake newsboy hat by Cutie Hats

Green and red apple felt pin set by Ritzee Rebel

Orange fruit slice earrings by AlenaZstyle

Mini strawberry cookies by Cake It To The Limit

Fruit teapot garden stake by Recycled by Skattur

"Pears and satsuma plum" watercolor painting by Otilia Kocsis


  1. LOL..."virtual fruit picking " I love it! That Strawberry Shortcake hat is adorable!! Thank you so much for including my Garden Whimsy in your fruity finds! :)

    1. You are welcome! I think it fitted right in :-D