Finds of the week - Tea time

I don't drink coffee. There, it's out. It just doesn't do anything for me. I can drink it, but the taste, well, it's nothing that I need unless you put some ice cream in it and whipped cream on top, but even that is a rare event.
I do drink tea, however, so today is all about tea time. Grab yourself a cup and enjoy.

50 English Breakfast Hand Blended teabags from Teaman

Vintage embroidered cloth napkins from Cinful Oldies and Goodies

Creamer and sugar bowl set from Le Petit Poulailler

Vintage tea kettle from Whimzy Thyme


  1. Thank you very much for featuring my tea in your wonderful blog Cat!

  2. I'm with you regarding tea, Cat. Love to start the morning with a nice cup of hot tea. I do love coffee though - in the form of coffee ice cream, probably because it's loaded with cream and sugar!

    Great finds!

    1. Now that you say it I always avoid the coffee version of ice cream and chocolate, too! :-o